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The Painful Leg Injuries - The Rich Man's Godforsaken Driver's Seat

The Painful Leg Injuries -

Bill Byrne - Wii-controlled samples, soft synths, circuit bent Casio SK-1, circuit bent Speak and Spell, and Gameboy with Pushpin software/interface

Suzanne Byrne - Cello Samples

This is a unique collection of the Painful Leg Injuries' experimental, electronic noise music that was made by using the Nintendo Wiimote to control software synths and samplers in Ableton Live, Reason, Garageband, Logic, Spongefork, and Plogue Bidule. Byrne used publicly available free software and donation ware such as OSCulator, the Wiinstrument and the Wii Loop Machine

In addition to those, using a patch he made in Plogue Bidule, Byrne also used his Wiimote to play a  Nintendo Gameboy running the Pushpin software and MIDI retrofitted Speak and Spell and Casio SK-1 (using the Highly Liquid Kits).

The thirteen tracks in this collection combine compositions with improvisations, the conceptual with the intuitive, and noise with melodies. "Flying Through The Eye At An Alarming Time" features recorded samples of Bill knocking his TV with his Wiimote, that were eventually played by his Wiimote in  Live's Simpler. "This is Playful For Diseases" is made up of improvisations with his Wiimote controlled Pushpin Gameboy synth, and samples of the LSDJ Gameboy tracker software. "Michael Winslow Has His Revenge (On Clever Dated References)" features digital instrument completely made from samples of the 80's actor/comedian.

OKSRNADD-001 - The Painful Leg Injuries - The Rich Man's Godforesaken Driver's Seat

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