About OKS Recordings Of North America
OKS Recordings of North America is a CD-R label run by Bill Byrne and his longtime collaborator, Jonah Goldstein. Started in 2005, OKSRNA specializes in limited-run artist created CD-R releases that create new and exciting directions for musical expression. Our goal as a label is to release albums that bring sound art to a wider audience. In 2003 Jonah and Bill found themselves decided to begin a new music project, The Harmful Free Radicals, a pop band in the vein of Animal Collective (if they were less Beatles and more Brian Eno). When Jonah returned to LA, Bill decided to begin an instrumental project with his wife, Suzanne playing cello, called The Painful Leg Injuries.

OKSRNA caters to the tech savvy members of experimental, electronic and noise music audiences. In 2005, Bill Byrne of The Painful Leg Injuries began his weekly podcast each week releasing a long form conceptually based composition. In 2006, the label was born. OKSRNA started a podcast network adding John Ibarra's El Plan De Aguavodka and Jonah Goldsetein's The Unevenness of the Moon's Surface Podcasts and in 2007 the Jez Stevens Podcast. 2007 also saw the addition of avant-electronic guitarist, Marco Oppedisano and schitzo-noise jam band Little Ricky's House of Chankletas. In late '07 Little Ricky's House of Chankletas and Alex Spalding began their Podcasts.

OKSRNA less a record label and more of a an artist's collective. We pool resources, collaborate, and take advantage of technology to bring our sounds to the world. We believe that our artists have a strong, signature sound and we driving into the public eye.Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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